8 Art Project
Eight Art Project

Ca’ Corniani. Avant-garde land.

Genagricola’s Ca’ Corniani estate is one of the most extensive Italian agricultural companies in the hinterland of Caorle, with a centuries-long history, and it has borne witness to events associated with the reclamations, sharecropping, the social value of land transformation and now the new models of agricultural productivity.
The decision to hold a Art Competition demonstrates the attention that Generali is devoting to its historical heritage and to the concepts of security and sustainability that guide its activities.
The Art Competition for the Three Thresholds offers the first opportunity to value the Ca’ Corniani estate at national level.
Calling upon art to establish a new relationship between the culture of agricultural production and the nature of the places of cultivated land arises directly from the landscape masterplan. The landscape project evokes art as a device to mark and interpret the three entrances to Ca’ Corniani, confirming the combination of art and agriculture at these strategic points, with the innovative approach that distinguishes this location historically.
Five artists of international renown are invited to conceive site-specific works through a creative process capable of telling the story of the stratified and complex territory of Ca’ Corniani, starting with its resources - nature and agriculture - and its inhabitants. With the contribution of the landscape and artistic curators, contemporary art will be introduced into the agricultural setting as a new piece in the historical-cultural mosaic. On one hand the Art Competition procedure introduces the artists into a setting of high historical and productive value, through a direct dialogue with the location and its stakeholder; on the other, it accompanies this project with forms of sharing with the local and extended socio- cultural context, so that art and agriculture can stably integrate as a new approach of development and vitalisation of the location. The Art Competition is therefore an opportunity for comparing and relating, capable of attracting interest and sparking a process of discovery of this territory.

Ca' Corniani. Avant-garde land. Restricted art competition for the Three Thresholds.
The Art Competition aims to promote the link between art, enterprise and territory through the creation of three works of contemporary art that take into conside¬ration the reality of Ca’ Corniani, what it represented in the past and what it will become in the future.
Monica Bonvicini
A multimedia artist, Monica Bonvicini trained first in Berlin and then at the California Institute of the Arts (CA), where she was a student of Michael Asher, a key figure in US Conceptual Art.
Alberto Garutti
In 1996, at Casa Masaccio in San Giovanni Val D’Arno in Tuscany, Alberto Garutti created a series of light bulbs that turned on and off as the people living in the spaces adjacent to the room where the work was positioned passed by.
Carsten Höller
Carsten Höller has a doctorate in Agricultural Sciences. He was to adopt this knowledge of the scientific working method in his artistic activity, although subverting its basic rules.
Tobias Rehberger
Tobias Rehberger began his activities in the 1990s. An experimenter in various languages, the artist’s production ranges from sculpture to video, from mural painting to installations.
Remo Salvadori
An exponent of the generation following that of Arte Povera, Remo Salvadori started working in Milan in the early 1970s.

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