Eight Art Project
Eight Art Project
Ca' Corniani. A Land at the Forefront. International Art Competition For The Three Thresholds of Ca' Corniani

Ca' Corniani. A Land at the Forefront. Alberto Garutti is the winner of the international art competition by invitation - curated by Eight Art Project -  for "The  Three Thresholds" in Ca' Corniani, a historic estate of Genagricola reborn with a landscape enhancement project and an international art competition.
The jury chose his project for its powerful visual impact and high artistic value.

The internanional art competition avails itself of the landscape design and curation by Andreas Kipar and the artistic curatorship of Elena Tettamanti and Antonella Soldaini.
The landscape masterplan is designed by the international landscape architecture firm LAND.

A large golden roof for an old abandoned farmhouse, a LED sign that lights up with every bolt of lightning that strikes in Italy, and sculptures of dogs and horses living on one of the farms — these are the works that will greet visitors to the historic estate of Ca' Corniani. Today, as in the past, the estate returns to the community to increase the overall well-being of the area and its people through smart, sustainable growth, with the same innovative approach that has historically marked the site.

The three works are part of the project The Three Stories of Landscape with which the artist Alberto Garutti has won the international invitation to art competition conceived as the first official stage of the landscape enhancement project of Ca' Corniani.
The competition, launched in June 2017 with the artistic curatorship of Elena Tettamanti and Antonella Soldaini and the curatorial landscaping by Andreas Kipar, involved five European artists: Monica Bonvicini, Alberto Garutti, Carsten Höller, Tobias Rehberger and Remo Salvadori.
On September 22, 2017, the international jury—made up of Gabriella Belli (Director of Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia), Pippo Ciorra (Senior Curator of the Museo MAXXI), Philippe Donnet (CEO of Generali Group), Giancarlo Fancel (President of Genagricola and cfo of Generali Italia), Andreas Kipar (Founding
Partner of LAND), Beatrice Merz (President of the Merz Foundation Switzerland and the Mario Merz Prize), Marco Sesana (Country Manager, CEO of Generali Italia and Global Business Lines), Elena Tettamanti (Founder Eight Art Project) and Vicente Todolí (Artistic Director of the HangarBicocca)— examined
the projects of the five artists.
After long and passionate debate, the jury settled unanimously on Alberto Garutti’s
project Three Landscape Stories, considered perfectly in keeping with the history
and landscape of Ca’ Corniani.
The jury chose his project for its powerful visual impact and high artistic value and, as was declared in the grounds for the decision, “for the project’s ability to offer a rich and profound vision of the places, through an interpretation that assigns different forms and narrations to the Three Thresholds of Ca’ Corniani. In this way
the thresholds become three specific places for the estate, each with an identity of its own. As well as for the artist’s choice to work directly on the architectural heritage of Ca’ Corniani through fragments to which his intervention imparts a new, powerful and monumental significance. The three works he has imagined
have the potential to reinterpret and enrich the farm, and above all to establish new relationships by taking a complex and comprehensive look at the territory. The row of animals, the device for detecting atmospheric disturbances and the new golden roof are the product of the artist’s independent reflection but also the fruit of his interaction with the landscape and its inhabitants.”
Alberto Garutti's works were officially inaugurated on June 25, 2019.

Genagricola S.p.A.
Generali Italia S.p.A.
Project of landscape enhancement and art competition idea
Land Srl - Milano
Project and landscape curatorship
Andreas Kipar, Giovanni Sala
Art competition curated by
Eight Art Prject Srl
Artistic curatorship
Elena Tettamanti e Antonella Soldaini
Agostino Osio - Alto Piano

Members of the jury
Gabriella Belli
Director Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia
Pippo Ciorra
Senior Curator Museo MAXXI
Philippe Donnet
Group CEO Generali
Giancarlo Fancel
Presidente Genagricola, CFO Generali Italia
Andreas Kipar
Founding Partner LAND
Beatrice Merz
President Fondazione Merz Elvetica and Mario Merz Prize
Marco Sesana
Country Manager, CEO Generali Italia, Global Business Lines
Elena Tettamanti
Founder Eight Art Project
Vicente Todolí
Artistic Director HangarBicocca

Winning artist
Alberto Garutti