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Ca’ Corniani. A Land at the Forefront.

On June 25, 2019, the three works by Alberto Garutti called "The Three Thresholds” that will welcome visitors to Ca’ Corniani were inaugurated.

Ca' Corniani, with its 1770 hectares of land in the countryside of Caorle (Venice) is one of the largest agri-food companies in Italy. It has a history stretching back centuries, over which time it has witnessed events linked to the reclamation of land, to sharecropping, to the social value of land development and now to new models of agricultural productivity. For this reason, Genagricola — the agricultural and food holding company controlled by Generali Italia — has embarked on a long-term project of landscape improvement,overseen by land on this estate that associates agriculture and art and aims to enhance the appearance of the farmland by introducing innovative forms of environmental integration in order to boost the overall wellbeing of thewhole area through intelligent and sustainable growth.

The site’s innovative combination of art and agriculture is represented by the works of the artist Alberto Garutti, who won the international competition for the installation, created by Andreas Kipar .These works are entrusted to Eight Art Project, with the artistic curatorship of Elena Tettamanti and Antonella Soldaini. They embody "The Three Thresholds" through which visitors have access to the estate, made up of three site-specific works that, by means of an innovative approach, communicate the richness of the “Ca’ Corniani – A Land at the Forefront” area and its strong inclination for agriculture and production. A large golden roof for an old abandoned farmhouse, a LED sign that lights up with every bolt of lightning that strikes in Italy, and sculptures of dogs and horses living on one of the farms — these are the works that will greet visitors to the historic estate of Ca' Corniani. Today, as in the past, the estate returns to the community to increase the overall well-being of the area and its people through smart, sustainable growth, with the same innovative approach that has historically marked the site.

Landscape, art, and agriculture: Genagricola gives the historical estate of Ca' Corniani back to the community, as a symbol of a renewed countryside.

Ca' Corniani. Alberto Garutti. West Threshold
The five portraits sculpted in acrylic resin and white marble dust are lined up along the course of one of the branches of the Livenza Morta Canal, on the edge of the agricultural estate of Ca’ Corniani. Set on five large bases made of exactly the same material as the sculptures— and on which the caption is engraved— the white works shine brightly in the natural light of the sun, forming an enfilade of figures that extends at right angles to one of the cycle tracks through the area, after the bridge leading to Caorle.
Ca' Corniani. Alberto Garutti. North Threshold
The work is intended to instill new meaning into the now abandoned structure of Ca’ Cottoni and restore it to the community and to visitors as a quasi-object through which they can explore the place’s past and future. The project has led to the construction of a new roof to replace the decaying one of asbestos cement that covered the building.
Ca' Corniani. Alberto Garutti. East Threshold
Conceived as a means of inviting the viewer to take in the vast expanse of sky above the cultivated plain of Ca’ Corniani at a single glance, the work is writing in the landscape, a luminous structure and its own caption.
Ca' Corniani. A Land at the Forefront. International Art Competition For The Three Thresholds of Ca' Corniani
Ca' Corniani. A Land at the Forefront. Alberto Garutti is the winner of the international art competition by invitation - curated by Eight Art Project - for "The Three Thresholds" in Ca' Corniani, a historic estate of Genagricola reborn with a landscape enhancement project and an international art competition. The jury chose his project for its powerful visual impact and high artistic value.
Monica Bonvicini
A multimedia artist, Monica Bonvicini trained first in Berlin and then at the California Institute of the Arts (CA), where she was a student of Michael Asher, a key figure in US Conceptual Art.
Alberto Garutti
In 1996, at Casa Masaccio in San Giovanni Val D’Arno in Tuscany, Alberto Garutti created a series of light bulbs that turned on and off as the people living in the spaces adjacent to the room where the work was positioned passed by.
Carsten Höller
Carsten Höller has a doctorate in Agricultural Sciences. He was to adopt this knowledge of the scientific working method in his artistic activity, although subverting its basic rules.
Tobias Rehberger
Tobias Rehberger began his activities in the 1990s. An experimenter in various languages, the artist’s production ranges from sculpture to video, from mural painting to installations.
Remo Salvadori
An exponent of the generation following that of Arte Povera, Remo Salvadori started working in Milan in the early 1970s.

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