8 Art Project
Eight Art Project
Ca' Corniani. Avant-garde land. Restricted art competition for the Three Thresholds.

The Art Competition aims to promote the link between art, enterprise and territory through the creation of three works of contemporary art that take into consideration the reality of Ca’ Corniani, what it represented in the past and what it will become in the future.
Within this perspective, particular importance has been given to certain strategic points of the property as the locations where the artists are to work. These are the three access points to Ca’ Corniani, reachable by land and by water. The estate has the interesting peculiarity of not being delimited by physical demarcations, by boundaries to mark the passage from a private territory to a public one, but maintaining the status of an “open” place, accessible to visitors. The three zones selected are therefore “entrances” that only possess a symbolic meaning in the Genagricola estate.
From this particular characteristic we have developed the idea of orienting the attention of the artists selected by us and invited to participate in the Art Competition - Monica Bonvicini, Alberto Garutti, Carsten Höller, Tobias Rehberger and Remo Salvadori - towards the concept of “threshold”. This is a topic that in our view could best highlight the character of the location and the “hospitable” and “welcoming” attitude that has long been adopted by the property. “Threshold” to be interpreted in the meaning given by Robert Venturi, as a “point of tension between two polarities” and to be revealed as a place of passage, rest, information and welcome. In this way the “Thresholds” will not so much delimit a real space as take on a particularly meaningful cultural value inasmuch as they will be an important sign of the process of renewal of the environment and landscape of Ca’ Corniani.
Considered an avant-garde land, on account of its social past, for the occasion the Genagricola estate will become a land of the artistic avant-garde, transforming itself into a field of action for five artists of proven experience and interna¬tional renown, who will find themselves experimenting with and coming to grips with the specificity and uniqueness of this environment so brimming with history and naturalistic value.
The winning artist will be assigned the task of creating three works for the Three Thresholds.

Elena Tettamanti and Antonella Soldaini
Artistic curators


Photo © Agostino Osio, Alto Piano

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Elena Tettamanti and Antonella Soldaini
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