Eight Art Project
Eight Art Project
COPPER CROSSINGS. Copper Shapes in Contemporary Art, Design, Technology and Architecture

Copper Crossings is the first exhibition looking at copper from a different point of view thanks to an interdisciplinary approach with more than 250 pieces representative of sectors of the exhibition.
The exhibition is a journey through works of art, design and architecture, applications in science and technology together with photos and videos where copper is the leit motiv. Different artists find in this material a common ground to work according to their personal experiences exploiting in the most innovative ways the formal, structural and plastic qualities of copper.

Photo © Attilio Maranzano

Eight Art Project
Triennale di Milano
Triennale Design Museum
Istituto Italiano del Rame
Generale Project
Elena Tettamanti
Antonella Soldaini Elena Tettamanti
Exhibition and graphic design
Migliore+Servetto Architects
Scientific Committee
Giampiero Bosoni, Maurizio Decina, Fiorenzo Galli, Ico Migliore, Vicente Todolí


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